Websites and Apps

On this page I’ve placed several examples of the websites and apps I have made. Some are online and some are purely made for examples. Designs were made in Sketch and Front-End development was also done by me. Either in WordPress or Bootstrap using HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP.

Music Platform Website Mockup

This design is for a mockup for a music platform. Like Spotify or Bandcamp. Here users can search for music and stream them. The modern look comes together with the color of the background and the bright colors used in the logo. The minimal design will be a good background for all the artists photo’s which will make up the bulk of the website.

Coffee House Search App Mockup

This Mockup has been made entirely in Sketch. It features a mockup app for a search tool to find your favorite coffee house wherever you are. It also includes a Magazine feature.

This has been made to showcase my proficiency in Sketch and my ability to make a mockup / prototype for an app or mobile website. All design and icons are made by me.