Web Banners

On this page you can find several examples of promotional web banners. Both static and HTML5 animations. All banners are made for example and display only. I’m not affiliated by any of these companies or trying to promote them.

The banners have been animated using HTML5, CSS and Javascript.

Benny Vreden Children’s Musical Skyscraper banner

This banner has been made with assets I designed and illustrated.

Horoscopen.nl Skyscraper banner

This static banner was made for the website horoscopen.nl which is part of a TV show in the Netherlands. Brand design was also done by me.

T-Mobile Large rectangle banner

An animated banner to example my use of an existing brand design.

Samsung Large rectangle banner

A static banner which shows an existing brand but with a new fresh campaign look.

Music Platform Large leaderbord banner

A fun animated banner incorporating video for a placeholder music platform (Think Spotify or Bandcamp). The video montage was made by me as was all the animation, including the animated logo.