Logo designs

On this page are featured a couple of logo designs I’ve made recently. Designing branding and logo’s is always a fun challenge. Make sure the logo and branding is unique, stands out and fits the brand.

I like to incorporate custom artwork in my designs as I come from an illustrators background. Take a look at these examples :

Cosmic Lama

This logo was designed for the brand Cosmic Lama. A new webstore for spiritual lifestyle. To bring a fun juxtaposition to the rigid webshop format I designed a cartoonish, sketchy Llama. This does translate the message of the webstore well while also being a fun logo which is very recognisable.

The Ov’n

This logo was designed for an Instagram blog about glutenfree food. All the food is home made and photographed by the same person.


Frontaal is a literature evening which is being held once a month in Rotterdam. Famous and starting authors will all do a reading of their work and answer questions from the audience.

For this project I created the logo and the poster design. We went for artsy and bold