Besides drawing comics I also get requests to create commissions for people. Usually a one-off drawing or a character design. Briefings range from very detailed to a few lines but it is always a fun challenge to do. 

I’m always available for commissions. You want a special custom drawing or need help with a character design please contact me so I can help!

Untitled Graphic novel pinup

This pinup was created for the kickstarter of the Untitled Graphic novel

Doc Dino pinup

A Pinup I’ve made for the silly comic Doc Dino. A dinosaur surgeon? Yup

Instant Replay Live banner

I’ve made this awesome banner for a youtube channel called Instant Replay Live. Be sure to check that out!

Transformer Super Duke bike

I was asked to take a certain race bike and turn that into a transformer. There are 2 versions. The black / orange version is the standard color of the bike and the blue / orange is a custom color of the client.

NESS t-shirt design

NESS is a horror comic by writer Chris Welsh. For the kickstarter I made this awesome t-shirt design. I only knew the comic would be lovecraftian and contain the Loch Ness monster so I went for something epic and weird.

Little Gamma Mutants concept

This image is a concept sketch for a brand new Role Playing Game called Little Gamma Mutants

Dizary character design

I’ve met the writer of Dizary when I had a table at the Rotterdam Comic Con. Dizary is a brand new fantasy book written for young adults. About a world in a huge labyrinth. I’ve made a character design of one of the villans in the book.