Creating comics has always been a passion of mine. I’ll be working on my own comic projects like WART  or working on projects for clients. These comics range from children’s stories to weird horror stories with toys fighting zombies.

The comic-making process requires many steps. When I receive a script I’ll start by making thumbnail sketches of all the pages. This is primarily to get a feel of the layout of the pages which is important for story telling.

After the thumbnails are completed I start roughly sketching the pages. When sketching is done I’ll start cleaning up the lines which is called inking in order to make the artwork look nice and crisp.

Finally I color all the pages and do lettering when needed. As I said the process requires many steps but planning and creating building blocks are important even with creative work.

On this page are several examples of comics I have created.

Ella – Amulet of Sharzim

Ella is the story of a young girl who inherits a strange necklace from her grandma. Everything is normal until a cat begins talking to her and urges her to come to a secret meeting. There she discovers that her grandma was one of the guardians of animals! Now Ella is thrust in her new role as guardian.

American Malevolence

This new project started as a movie script written by Chris Welsh. A 17 page preview has been written and drawn.

The story follows Petra. A poor woman who has inherited a family curse when her father dies. Now an evil demon is hunting her and her unborn baby. 


What would you get if you mix the funny walking toys in Toy Story with the undead walkers in The Walking Dead? You get Toy-Z! A comic written by a Scottish duo and drawn by me.

I was responsible for the interior art of the comic for this issue 0 edition. The Kickstarter was a success and the comic has since gone into print.


This project was part of an anthology of wrestling stories. Inspired by the extravagant shows of WWF and the lucha libre.

This short story called Astro Dragon was written by an American writer and drawn by me. Lettering was done by the writer so in these examples you won’t see any dialogue or sound effects.