Ammar Al Chalabi

Ammar is a Visual Designer and Front-End Development. Focused on web design, illustration and UX design / development, working mostly from the Netherlands.

Hello! I’m a Dutch-based Visual Designer and Front-End developer. After ten years working for various companies it was time to branch out of my own and start sharing my love for design and illustration with whoever needs it.

I’ve worked with companies like MTV and TMF, dutch television group SBS and various other companies based in the Netherlands. I bring 20+ years of design experience to any project. Fields of design range from TV (video editing and After Effects), print and internet (conventional design and programming in HTML / CSS / Javascript / Angular).

My big passion is illustration. Ranging from standard commissions, comic books or animation. My own comic book WART has had two successful Kickstarters and the series contains three books at the moment of writing, with book four on the way very soon.

Contact me for anything you need! I’m always looking for cool new assignments and projects.

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